My Backpacking Luxury Item

In this world of “less is more” and minimalism, sometimes it’s nice just to splurge a little. When you are carrying everything on your back every ounce matters, which usually equates to going without.

Sometimes though there are a few things that, although impractically heavy or voluminous, you just can’t do without. In the backpacking world they call these “luxury items.” For some it’s a pillow or a particularly comfy camp chair, but for me it’s GOOD COFFEE.
This used to mean carrying a heavy and fragile French press into the wild until I recently discovered the Jetboil Coffee Press!
Super light and super pack
able, I no longer have to sacrifice for good coffee in the wilderness.
Problem solved! Which means that I now have room for a different luxury item in my pack. What should it be? What are your trail luxuries and guilty pleasures?